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Pattern Xpert

PDS StyleCAD Pattern Xpert   A high-performance pattern design and grading application that uses state-of-the-art technology. StyleCAD PDS provides all the flexibility and features to make mundane tasks much easier, and gives pattern makers more time to concentrate on their real business: design, pre-production and fitting.   StyleCAD developers have tried very hard to make Pattern Xpert […]


StyleCAD’s Digitizing System   StyleCAD presents the world’s most advanced technology for digitizing patterns. With an intuitive use of audio and visual feedback, StyleCAD’s digitizing system allows the user to quickly and easily digitize patterns without even looking at the computer monitor.  Of course, if the user chooses to use the monitor to check the digitizing […]


Grading Module “Simply the most time-saving, best designed grading system in the industry.” Before the introduction of Pattern Xpert, what truly stood out in StyleCAD was the grading module. Everyone who used/reviewed earlier version of StyleCAD agreed that the grading module is the best in the industry. In higher versions, we kept everything that the users loved […]

Marker Making

StyleCAD’s Marker Making System StyleCAD has introduced a system for creating markers that is unmatched in its cost saving benefits. With ease of use and efficiency in the creation of fabric-saving markers, StyleCAD’s marker making system has no competition. StyleCAD’s marker making system allows the user to quickly and easily make a marker by creating a […]


StyleCAD AutoMarking System The StyleCAD Automarker outperforms a human nester quite easily, most of the time. We believe that it is the industry’s best performing automarking system. Its state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithm ensures better and faster nesting results. StyleCAD’s Automarker System is by far, the fastest automarker in the industry today. The system is designed for […]

Automatic Cutting Machines

StyleCAD Cutting Machinery StyleCAD provide best support for the most automatic cutting machineries on the market. Compatibility and flexibility set StyleCAD apart from the competition. StyleCAD software supports the most industry leading automatic cutting machinery in the market, including products from Gerber and Pathfinder. This allows for reduced training and hardware costs for users with existing […]


StyleManager StyleManager improves the production efficiency significantly. StyleManager is a companion utility program in a suite of StyleCAD products. It allows management of sample photos, fabric photos, designer sketches, spec sheets, production sheets, cost sheets and marries them with the StyleCAD style and marker database. It provides instant access to style data and marker data to […]