Pattern Plotting (Plot Manager)

The plot manager is used by pattern makers to nest patterns to plot. It supports roll or sheet media types. It provides the user with rich collection of tools for nesting, copying arrangement, automatic lay and more. This lesson provides a step by step instruction on starting the plot manager from the PDS program, nesting, […]


StyleManager is a utility program that allows management of photos, designer sketches, spec sheets, production sheets, cost sheets with StyleCAD style and marker database. It also provides access to style data and marker data to designers, production managers, sales staff and anyone who needs access to CAD data. In a typical company, staff members other […]


This lesson provides a step by step instruction on digitizing a typical pattern with a grain line, internal lines, drill holes, mirror line and fabric line. Different point types such as grading point, curve point, notch point and double notch point are demonstrated. The button sequence for each action is clearly presented to the viewer.

Pants Front

The front piece of a slack is created from scratch using guide lines and other basic drafting tools. The Bezier Polyline’s power is well demonstrated in this lesson. Pay close attention to all the QuickStep extensions to the tool. Also available in