The UWP (Ultra Wide Printer) DOT plotter series from tktbrainpower includes the ultimate in inkjet technology electronics, software control and cutting-edge long-lasting distinguished European design.
The ergonomics and the extremely user-friendly operation represent a new standard which are not previously encountered in conventional designs. The DOT Series allow users to operate the large format plotter (UWP) after a very short training phase. Due to the low energy consumption, silent operation and integrated quick and easy front loading system, the DOT series plotters are ideal for factory and office environments, requiring less space and electricity. Ink Jet Cleaning and Parking zore requires 20cm.
High Precision Speed Printing Two (2) or four (4) inkjet printing heads. It is ideal for dimensional control & cutting quality control.

Materials used for manufacturing are high quality and eco-friendly allowing an almost 100% recycling at the end of their life-cycle, and are deliberately coded for this purpose. TkTbrainpower is fully committed to planet sustainability. All designs, components and the Machine4trees ® program in alliance with Biomasa del Gironès SL, focus on this commitment and reflect a vital part of our identity.