StyleCAD’s Digitizing System


StyleCAD presents the world’s most advanced technology for digitizing patterns.

With an intuitive use of audio and visual feedback, StyleCAD’s digitizing system allows the user to quickly and easily digitize patterns without even looking at the computer monitor.  Of course, if the user chooses to use the monitor to check the digitizing progress, StyleCAD shows digitized patterns in real time.

StyleCAD’s digitizing system also allows the user to quickly correct mistakes due to human error. The system includes unlimited levels of undo directly from the digitizing device. If the user realizes a mistake was made after the digitizing process has been completed, she may redigitize the entire pattern. StyleCAD’s digitizing system is also compatible with all major digitizer brands. This means users who already have a favorite digitizer can continue to use it when using StyleCAD. This helps reduce the training time, and also helps reduce hardware cost. StyleCAD’s digitizing system uses cutting-edge technology to save time and increase efficiency when digitizing patterns in today’s fast-paced production environment.

  • Intuitive software design makes it the fastest Digitizing in the industry. 
  • Highly accurate reproduction of digitized patterns.
  • Real time display of digitized pattern.
  • Innovative voice and sound feedback increases efficiency by dramatically reducing the need to monitor the display.
  • Full multi-tasking: Simultaneous digitizing, pattern design, grading, marker making and plotting.
  • Nest digitizing for graded patterns.
  • Re-digitizing allows the re-entry of only the necessary portions of the pattern.
  • The exclusive Paste Pattern feature allows digitizing a very large piece.
  • Easy notch and double notch entry.
  • Internal line digitizing Input errors can be easily undone.
  • Supports all major digitizer brands.

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