StyleCAD Cutting Machinery

StyleCAD provide best support for the most automatic cutting machineries on the market.
Compatibility and flexibility set StyleCAD apart from the competition.

StyleCAD software supports the most industry leading automatic cutting machinery in the market, including products from Gerber and Pathfinder.
This allows for reduced training and hardware costs for users with existing systems.
This also allows for an easy upgrade path for users of older hardware.
StyleCAD supports a full range of options to help increase efficiency when cutting with automatic machinery.  For example, StyleCAD allows the user to control the cutting direction of the pattern piece and the cutting sequence of a marker, which helps achieve a higher level of cutting quality.

StyleCAD is dedicated to producing software to help increase efficiency during production, and reduce costs and wasted effort. A large part of that commitment goes to help bridge the gap between hardware and software, creating a seamless and fully integrated working environment.

  • Most of the industry leading models, including Gerber and Pathfinder,

    are supported.

  • The cutting direction of the pattern piece can be modified to achieve better cutting quality.

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